Electronics and water were not made to mix… But if they do, they still may have a chance to be brought back to life. If you find yourself in this boat (even though your phone may have gone overboard), there are a few things you can do to increase your odds.

  1. If the device is still on, turn it off! Cutting off the electric current running through the phone can help minimize damage.
  2. Don’t try charging it! If there is still water in the device, charging it may short out key components and cause irreparable damage.

  3. Let it dry! If it is hot outside, you can leave the phone outside somewhere safe to let if air-dry for a few hours (just don’t leave it in direct sunlight or it may overheat). Alternatively, set a hairdryer on low pointed towards the charging port to allow the warm air to help evaporate any remaining moisture.

  4. Call us and let one of our trained technicians come out and open the phone and clean the components and inspect any further damage.

It is important to understand that not all water damaged devices are fixable, but our techs will do their best! We charge a $49 fee to send them out, plus any additional repairs that are needed. If your device can be brought back to life, we will put the $49 diagnostic fee towards the actual cost of the repairs.